Be the One of Change

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The Cycle of One…

See one,

Do one,

Teach one,

Be one!

By being one, another can see one.

By seeing one, one can do one.

By doing one, one can teach one.

By teaching one, 

One becomes one.

Be the one!

Why is this important? Because if we can see something. Then we are initiated. If we do or experience something. Then we know it is possible. If we teach how the experience happens then we realize the subtleties and possibilities. Upon learning the subtleties and possibilities. We become one. By being one. We cycle or spin up exponentially. What happens is the one becomes the many. 

One small act can quickly become a wave. This is not uncommon. But it’s difficult to see a ripple building into a swell that becomes a wave that crashes onto the beach. A small act of kindness, compassion and gracefulness can swell into an impact that is unfathomable; the butterfly effect.

Yet if we look, we can see that this is a common pattern. A pattern of fractals that are infinite and singular. Whether an act of fear or love, It is your choice.

When… it happens at the moment you act. Do a small kindness or a compassionate act and it ripples.

Where… it starts within, radiates outward and manifests.

Of course, the question is, what shall you decide to create?

Currently, all the rage is manifesting for one’s self. Whether it be health, beauty, wealth, spirituality or a wonderful relationship; the list is endless. And this is all well and fine. It is part of the progression of love along the path from fear, rage, exhaustion, peace, compassion, grace, joy and ecstasy.

When one comes to understand/see that oneself and all others are intimately connected via a mirror (metaphor) of entanglement. One realizes the good fortune of the opportunity to change the flow. The flow from what can I get? To what can I give? Because one awakens to what you give, is what you get or you reap what you sow.

Compassion, peace, understanding, joy, love, etc. Perhaps it’s not even giving these items to another, but creating an opportunity for another to discover and experience the possibilities of compassion, gracefulness, peace understanding, joy, love etc.

By having an experience a person they know it is possible and they’ll want to have more of these experiences and thus learn how to do this for themselves. Once knowing that it is possible, they will want to teach others. And by mastering it will be.

In my heart I am an optimist and my head is a pragmatist. What I’m laying out is something that is both powerful and simple. We have two realities. The first focus is about the individual. The individual can create. And when a person understands they are the “I am” creator. Then that brings them to the second center. And the second center recognizes beyond their ability to create their own reality they can join with others to co-create reality.

The primary recognition or awakening is the statement, “I am.” And this creates the reality that they experience. This is the idea that we are a piece of God/source/universe. Thus, we have a piece of God within ourselves and are a creator. The second recognition is the statement “we are.“ And this comes from the recognition and understanding that ALL we encounter and experience in the world is also a piece of God. Therefore, we are all co-creators of our reality. This recognition and understanding that we are all a part of God/source/universe, gives us the opportunity of choice… really the imperative, to be compassionate and graceful in all that we encounter and do. This is a simple pragmatic conclusion. It is a simple, elegant and pragmatic way of being.

We are well on our way towards individual enlightenment. More folks are realizing they are a part of God and that they create or manifest their reality. In the past few years, there has been an explosion of information, workshops and techniques. Folks are discovering their divinity. And now we are beginning to see how we can co-create with others to change our planetary reality.

For those who have been following this blog, recognize I’ve been dropping crumbs and leading up to the idea that we can learn to create a new reality. It is simply a matter of choice. And in each moment we have an opportunity to change.

The see one, do one, teach one and be one of societal and planetary change.

See one, do one, teach one, and be one is a simple approach. In fact it is the approach that teachers have shown for millennia. Most noted is Jesus. The impact is that when one sees, one becomes inspired and can see that it is possible. When one does one. It confirms the possible, i.e. they become empowered. Teaching another person is about learning the subtleties of the craft of co-creating. Which is simply further developing their understanding, compassion and gracefulness. Finally, being one completes the cycle of one. Simply you are a testament, inspiration or example of what is possible. 

Let’s revisit two very fruitful concepts. Which are that of a point and a 3-dimensional sphere (or on paper, a circle and a dot). The point and a sphere represents the ”alpha and omega.” Or a contemporary notion of singularity. The dynamic is “change.” In other posts, change is the notion of dynamic discovery and the ever emerging unfoldment of novel reality. On this planet of free-will, the dynamic is the complementary opposites in the dualistic nature of the whole. An elegant representation is the symbol of the Tao or yin yang.

The following are pragmatic approaches to using both the idea of a point and sphere. A point can be anywhere, It can be in the center, on the edge and outside of the sphere. Or even be in several places at once. But the concept is that the point(s) and sphere are entangled. 

The following is merely a list of experiences I’ve seen, done and know are techniques and potentials for helping folks change. Which can move our planet and reality towards enlightened being-ness. 

So let me start out with a personal experience of being in a flotation tank for three hours. Using vipassana meditation as a technique to peel off the layers of the onion to reveal a naked state of consciousness. Which was “experiencing” consciousness is a transformer of energy. While being a transformer of energy is not “the God state.” It is close and yet there is a great divide. However on this planet of free-will, a person via consciousness can creatively change energy. If you will, play with energy by translation, transformation, transfigure, and transmit energy. Yet consciousness is part of and yet transcendent of energy.  

Back in the late 70s early 80s I had many experiences of how group consciousness can cause some dramatic effects. 

A career in mental health using a circle and a circle with a hot seat in the middle, we could create rapid immediate and meaningful change with clients. And in crisis mental health evaluations created a sacred space, i.e., a sphere of experience for clients to discover, unfold or emerge into.

Remember, “where two or more are present, I will be there” as in the divine. Circles structure energy. Energy flowing in spirals or swirling has incalculable power or amperage that is beyond anticipation or prediction. Consciousness of one and the consciousness of many, with a bit of focus and structure are exponentially compounded.

So here a list of potentials in no particular order. I am sure you will think of many other potentials for your situations.

Circle for focusing

Drum circles for calling, synchronizing and setting tribal frequencies.

Circle for focus/pointing or radiating/expanding

Circle with the hot seat in the center

Circle collapsing into a crescent moon

Circle for weather

Circle for healing

Circle for blessing and prayer

Circle for shining and radiating

Circles for the earth, stars and galaxies

Using the circle with folks to help them change.

Healing, releasing or transforming energy.

For changing weather, water, soil, pollution, etc.

Instead of protesting, encircle! We can see protesting as a disorganized response based on fear, anger, frustration, injustice, etc. Versus encircling to release, heal and transform.

Rory Duff, gathers groups of people on planetary energy lines or grids to help the planet.

Lynne McTaggart has started using a group model of “the circle of eight.” Working with people both in-person and remotely.

I wonder if we combine our energy for more amperage. That is “self organizing groups or collective of folks structured in a circle can have a more impactful influence on our reality to address the pressing needs of our planetary existence.

A group circled with a purpose, can both expand their sphere of influence and yet also focus while encouraging each being their sovereign expression. I wonder what would happen when a host of souls synchronize with a pause of silent between the beats of earth’s drum. Can we synch joyfully in celebration with mother earth?



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