Consciousness as a Tool

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Consciousness is a tool of God/source/universe. Without consciousness we could not experience our divinity. This is similar as the concept, if a tree falls in the forest and nobody is there, does the falling of the tree make a crashing sound? If no one was around to see or hear the tree crash, did the tree even exist? Or was there ever a forest? 

This is a simple logical deduction. If you have one, then there must be two; you cannot have one without the other. The statement of I am, is the statement of creation for your individual experience and for your subsequent existence of your infinite realities or experiences. In some thought, it’s the idea that God was bored and wanted to experience and discover itself fully in a unique and surprising manner. And enabled the ability to discover the God self in a novel manner via consciousness and the capacity of free will. Free will requires consciousness and soverignity. One can easily see there is a spectrum of consciousness. Consciousness laid out on a spectrum of four general areas. The unconscious, subconscious, conscious and higher consciousness. The unconscious is the realm of not having the capacity of being self-aware. Things such as amoebic life, plants and lower animals. Even though these lower life forms show intelligence, this intelligence is not self-awareness nor has the ability to act with volition. Just above these intelligent life forms is the behavioral stimulus response learning. Evidenced by training dogs, cats, birds, mice, etc. Even though they are seemingly intelligent, able to learn, have memory and an awareness of their environment they do not have the full capacity of volitional freewill consciousness. In psychological development terms, a person does not have the full capacity of self-awareness and consciousness until the ego is fully matured. The general thought is a fully matured ego occurs in the mid to late 20s. And thus, with the mature ego, one has the capacity of self-awareness, full executive functioning, i.e., consciousness. Thus with full consciousness, one has freewill, sovereignty and is volitionally responsible for what they create. Children, beings and other life forms that are not quite at this level of conscious capacity need cared and guidance toward actualizing their innate abilities. Whether viewed as DNA potential, “acorn theory” or a soul’s contract; which are merely from the lens of three different perspectives of science, psychology or spirituality.

Recent research and thought are shedding light on the intelligence of the life forms that are seemingly not quite conscious. The notion is that these lower forms have intelligence to interact, respond and support in a symbiotic or parasitic manner with their environment. What is interesting is the more recent notion that consciousness can influence the inanimate. I wonder how the notion of pantheism works when God works on God? We are gaining an awareness of being able to influence both our living and “inanimate” reality. I wonder if this the notion of biblical dominion and sovereignty. For example, the notion that via our consciousness we can influence the structure of snowflakes or water molecules. Are we discovering our ability to co-create in the animate, inanimate and in the psychic or energetic realms? Of course, the emerging thought is that the universe/reality is made up of energy. And various multi-dimensional realities are a matter of frequency/resonance.

Whether it’s the study of ancient cultures, rituals or art studied from the lens of cultural anthropology of matriarchal cultures, tantric cosmologies or aboriginal intuitive relationships with their environment. This is nothing new, it is the cosmology of creating something new. The ability to conceive. What is more natural and obvious than sex, conception and birthing. It is the underlying structure of one creates two, that results in three. What is different is the lens or cultural paradigm, vocabulary, rituals that are used to convey or communicate an understanding of reality which is embedded in one’s respective culture. 

Why does consciousness exist? The two thoughts are: That consciousness evolves from the ground up via evolutionary design. Or that the divine, is imbued in all that exist in reality. And as divine intelligence is revealed. Consciousness is either a progression or a revelation along a spectrum from unconscious to higher/super conscious. We envision this as a linear or hierarchical process that is embedded in space and time. But now we are beginning to discover or understand that consciousness is the revelator beyond space and time. It is the adage, that we don’t learn something, we remember it. There is increasing chatter that time and space are illusionary and malleable. Singularity is the new buzz word for the “unknown.” That which is beyond our ability to conceive. What is beyond the collapsing point and what is beyond the event horizon, e.g., “the alpha and omega” of God/source/universe. 

Meanwhile, we have come to the awareness of a multidimensional universe or reality. How do we access this multidimensional universe or reality? The current emerging thought is that consciousness is the portal, stargate or the “tool” to access the multidimensional universe. I wonder if we have arrived at the apocalypse. The revealing or unveiling of our godliness? Are we the second coming? Have we arrived? Can we handle this responsibility? What shall we transfigure, transform and create… heavens or hells? Perhaps the rallying cry is “you can join one side or the other side, but your side is inside. You are the revelator.”

A couple of side shows to the circus of consciousness:

Consciousness as a mirror. All that is thought, seen, felt, experienced, imagined, etc. as reality is but a mere reflection of the God-self. While the reflection is not the God-self, it is the creation of the God-self. But having this mirror called reality, enables us to clarify or polish our understanding of ourselves.

There is an explosion of interest in past lives, future lives, channeling, near-death experiences, telepathy, intuition, psychic abilities. These phenomena are not new. But historically are bizarre and dark, or esoteric. Any public acknowledgement risked ridicule, persecution, excommunication and even death. The new age movement grew out of the 1800s movement of spiritualism, occult and the Theosophical Society. Over the past 50-70 years, there has been an increasing interest in psi, ESP or psychic phenomena. We now find ourselves at the beginnings of exponential adoption with channeling, remote viewing, energy healing, QHHT, etc. While this interest is new, it is not unexpected when viewed from a transpersonal developmental theory. Here we are, set to see an explosive adoption of a different type of innovation. An innovation of consciousness. Of course, there is the parallel digital, quantum computer, AI, etc. The interesting part is, why now? The widespread adoption of psychic abilities would be disruptive. Instead of cell phones, digital accounts and the cloud. Folks would have psychic abilities, access to their akashic record, the field and synchronicity. Elsewhere, I’ve alluded that psychic phenomena requires a new “unity” ethics or responsibility of integrity and transparency. Historically, religious traditions note a requirement of spiritual maturity, if one is to tread into the psychic landscape. Again, this is nothing new. Any powerful technology is potentially both beneficial, detrimental and there are often competing interest. I wonder if about the battle brewing between quantum computing/AI versus psychic abilities. I suppose we will get to an elevated level of understanding that quantum and psychic are complementary technologies that can either liberate or enslave. We are beginning the challenge or opportunity to find out we are the ones that create this brave new world.

For millennia or at least the past few decades, psychic abilities have emerged and are becoming adopted as a new technology for the masses. As with any new ability, whether learning to riding a bicycle or a new whizz bang app. There is a learning curve or progression that requires interest, initiation, instruction and practice to learn about the potentials, application and implementation of something new. In a way, psychic ability is easy to learn but difficult to master. But the primary risk is that if used indiscriminately it can cause all kinds of un-intended results and consequences. At one level, this is to be expected. Learning to ride a bicycle, one expects to have a few crashes. The questions that remain are what will happen, what will be the influences, disruptions and consequences? In the concept of singularity, the point of collapse and the event horizon are the where the revelations happen?

Listening to a podcast the other day about the akashic record, the question was why can’t we remember or have random access to past lives? The questions when mucking around in the past, are what lifetime and why? The why is because there is value or could help us with our current situation or path. And the question of which lifetime or past experience is selected by a person’s discriminative intuitive guidance of the higher self. Or a person is highly motivated yet uninformed. The latter of personal motivation can be a minefield of the ego. A way to think about this is the notion of “when the student is ready the teacher will appear… and when the student is really ready, the teacher disappears.” The teacher, i.e., past experience becomes available as an opportunity to resolve some karma or as resolving/doing shadow work. Essentially, the soul/higher self is giving intuitive access to experiences that has the potential for growth. If we could remember or access to past lives in a willy-nilly manner two results could happen if the student is not ready. A horrific past life may cause soul crushing nihilism where the person would not see any hope for progressing along their path. Or in the other case where they would have access to the most wonderful, blissful past life and returning to their regular normal life would be dreadful. Such would be the case that “bliss life” has the potential for being highly addictive. In either case, there is potential for the individual to become stuck or lost. In many metaphysical traditions warn that the psychic realms are dangerous because one can become lost in horrifying hells and blissful buddha fields.

We are starting the journey through the heavens and hells of the psychic realm. Be mindful proceed with your utmost integrity, compassion and gracefulness. There are splendid gifts and horrifying missteps. This is the great crossing of the abide that angels fear to tread. 

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