Lion’s Gate Summer Solstice 2023

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This past week was the summer solstice on June 21st which marks the beginning of summer. Summer is a busy time, there’s all kinds of things going on. Fast paced, growing and it’s the grind. Often it can feel like there’s not enough hours in the day even though the days are the longest of the year. Everything is happening, whirlwinds of activity and it’s difficult to keep up. The plants, birds, bees, home maintenance, baseball games, vacations, barbecues, travel, all kinds of changes. The list of endless activities and our calendar is filled with to do’s. 

A Retrospective

Six months ago, at the 2022 winter solstice December 21st was heralded as the opening of a new connection. It was noted as the “lion’s gate”… what? If you will, it was the conception of bringing together the past and the future; the gate of the now. It was an opening; a conception of new being. Being as now is the time to step into your courage.  To be the lion, to claim your sovereignty. Recognizing this is the opportunity to claim you. You, I and we have free will. It was the winter. The time to find who we are? What are our passions, love and joy? And what do we want to do about it? We were conceived, a spark flashed in the dark womb. The gestation/germination, sending down roots taking hold of the opportunity. Dreaming, imagination, intention were taking root. It was happening, but unseen, deep within the womb being nourished by the connection to our dreams, imagination and intentions… unseen and protected in winter’s womb of creation.

The spring equinox marked the beginning of preparation. It’s the showing and showering of unspoken abundance. The emergent roundness; the small shoots, plants and buds begin to show. Spring rain as droplets of hope, showering us with fresh encouragement. A sign to gather resources, making connections, figuring out a plan and a strategy for our new gardens. Much of the spring preparations are barely visible. And often involve nesting, tilling, gathering, establishing connections and getting ready for birthing forth. Establishing roots will support the blossoms of the summer. The roots are our relationships with whom we support each other in our gardens. These relationships offer access to supplements, resources, new ideas, techniques and ways of doing things in our garden. The key is “our garden.” Gardens are grown together… with the earth, wind, fire and water; the worms, bugs, birds, bees. And the movement of the earth, sun and moon. All are our community of neighbors, friends and family that both we mutually support, share and exchange.

And now it’s summer. Preparations evolve into doing. Making things happen. Lists that fulfills the day from sunrise to sunset. The whirlwind of activities, quiet early mornings, summer rains, full out storms, blazing afternoons, cool evenings and starlit summer nights. A host of gardeners, sitting around fires reflected in the canopy of the heavens. 

But have we forgotten something? In the whirlwind of summer activities remember to spend a moment with and for yourself. When things get overwhelming and exhausting. Remember to keep your bodies hydrated with fresh water, take rest in the shade, with a peaceful mind, heart full of love and joy. Soul knows that all there ever was, will be and always is well. So, relax into the grind of being. Remember that the garden has always been here. It is us, who flow with the changes throughout the seasons. Be well, be peaceful, be grateful. Let compassion, gracefulness and joy ROAR with all who are in the garden. For you are and we are the garden, the gardeners and the blossoms of the summer. Let summer abundance roar as the lion. A lion that knows there is a feast of endless moments of joy with only a wee bit of effort. All is well. 

Know, when we flow with the cycles of the sun, moon and stars there is a gentle beingness that requires very little effort. The only effort is to acknowledge, choose and be. Which is to recognize… what, when, who, why and how. Don’t be distracted by all the external goings on that you have little to no control of. But attend to what you can change… which is you. The what… you think, feel and do. When will you do it? How will you do it and why? But the key is knowing who are you… the lion, lioness of your/our existence?

Weird Note

Our community of neighbors, friends and family that we mutually support, share and exchange with, whether locally or globally; it is the you, I, we and us that are the economy, connection and relationship.

Apologies, I can’t help myself. So there has been and continues to be much chatter, distraction and diversion about the economy, AI, banking, etc. Just remember that economy is the study of human exchange. A study of relationship and connections. Politics, economists and news would have you believe otherwise. That the sky is falling or that the AI heavens are opening up. Here’s the basic thing, banking, politics and news are the middle men of the exchanges. These institutions have inserted themselves and have demanded a cost/fee for their service of “questionable convenience.” Perhaps the banking has come to have less friction, i.e., less cost and more convenience but in the exchange, there is a demand more centralized control. News enables us to think less; but has news become the cattle chutes that leads us to where? And politics have changed from being representative to setting parameters via administrative laws about how our relationships with each other are to be?

Some intelligent and interesting folks that I follow indicate that this summer, fall and into next year could be a rough and pivotal time on our planet. The point of this post is a poetic reminder of our sovereignity. That we choose our thoughts, feelings and behaviors that determines our existence, reality and garden on this planet. How shall we view, treat and interact with each other? Do we need the intermediaries of banks, media and administrative handlers to determine our relationships? Perhaps at some level. But the question is of our own freewill versus control by the intermediaries? During this time, as in all times, we exist and have the opportunity create our reality. What shall we create now that we have passed through the Lion’s Gate?

You are the blessing!


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