Consciousness, Heart and Field

Consciousness, Heart and Field

Last week Psychedelics Out of the Closet provided the background of this series Conscious Entanglement. Episode 1 “Consciousness, Heart and Field” introduces the major concepts that are both broad and deep, but also easy to grasp.

The first concept is consciousness. Consciousness, to keep it simple, it is just the notion of awareness. It is just being aware. Being aware of your surroundings, of your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, intentions, etc. Traditionally, we think of consciousness as being in our head. Perhaps it is a product of our mind, of neurochemistry and brain waves. Simply, consciousness is just awareness.

The second concept is heart. Heart is in the center of our being. A simple way to look at the function of the heart is that it provides the energy and power. Its much like magnetism; there are attraction and repelling forces. You can’t see magnetic forces, but you can feel them, observe results and there a flow of interaction between these forces.  The heart receives and transmits energy/frequency. This energy/power can have the aspect of love and fear, positive and negative, attract and repel, light and dark, female and male, etc. The opposing forces, the positive and negative aspects are what creates the flow of energy.

Third, is the physical body. The body is an elegant and wondrous vehicle. It has thousands of miles of nerve cells, a symphony of neuro, chemical, electrical events that work together for an infinite sphere of activities. Conceptualize your body as a car with an elegant radio antenna that can both receive and transmit; plus, it can take us places. The body with the transceiver to receive and transmit energies and frequencies, also has an app to tell us where in hell we are and what the heck we are doing! It can receive, transmit, manage and coordinate an astounding range of frequencies, activities and such without having to be aware of all the minute processes. We just get in the car, turn on the radio transmitter and don’t have to worry about all the minute workings of the engine, transmission, electrical systems etc. to go to the grocery store.

Next is the concept of the field. The field is simply the dimension or space that supports experience. It is the existence of experience and the experience of existence. Additionally, there are an infinite amount of frequencies/energy existing, being broadcast, received and flowing throughout the field. The field is simply the soup of God or the multidimensional universe that enables experience. However, on this planet, experience has been in large part associated with the physical body and with the individual ego. 

Using the car with a radio transceiver metaphor, we have three parts: First, consciousness selects what frequency to tune into or select. Second, the heart provides the negative and positive energy or power to transmit and receive, i.e., flow. The heart energy flow enables connections to the field so that we have experience. And the body is the antenna to communicate, interact and exchange energy/frequencies that become experience. Experience is reflective of our intentions, actions and ability to communicate, exchange and interact with the field. So what we think, feel and do (and interact with and within the field) is our experience.

Lastly, with conscious intention, we can tune into frequencies/radio stations. The heart powers the transmission and reception of the selected frequencies into and from the field. Heart provides the flow and is the connection to the field. And the body is our physical device/vehicle in which we act and flow on this planet. This is our experience in and of the soup of God. Conscious intention is the sovereign free will aspect. A person can choose or ignore their opportunities of experiencing existence in this soup.

This is a brief introduction of major concepts in the series of “conscious entanglement.”

Peace, love and light!



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