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Hoist Ye Sails, Matey!

May you live in interesting times. Well here we are, a post about prepping. This is along the same lines of posts of wellness, love change grow strategy and wondering thoughts. An easy way to think about preparation is that there are seven levels: The physical, energy, social, heart, intellectual/mental, psychic and spirituality. It seems that we are moving into what has traditionally been the realm of psychic which notes history of magic, spells and the occult of exoteric symbolism used in the attempt to attain and control destinies. This type of thought and its processes were pre-rational. Currently, many recognize the limits of rational processes and thought. Rationality is and will continue to be useful, but also has its limited range of application. It is merely a empirical tool that has a tendency to move back-ass forward in its attempt at discovery. We are beginning to move beyond rationality into the realms of consciousness. There is an explosion of consciousness intermixed with concepts of psychic abilities that are beyond or at least bumping up against and co-mingling with scientific rationality. Things such as quantum entanglement, spontaneous healing, energy healing, remote viewing, divination, epigenetics, meditation and health, psychedelic and etc. In a sense we are beginning of the second wave of consciousness. The first wave came to the West during the 1950’s, climaxed during the 70’s and by the 80’s had gone underground with parts morphing into the “new age.” Now 50-70 years later, a larger re-emergence where the majority will be making the change. More folks have become aware that there is something unusual and not quite right. Perhaps it is the recognition born out of necessity; the reckoning regardless of the reasons. The difficult part is the transition of letting go while not quite knowing what will happen (see last week’s post The folks that have already crossed note there is noting to worry about. Looking into the gap is terrifying but after getting to the other side, one realizes that it was just a change of consciousness.

Most talk about prepping is at the physical, energetic, social/interactional levels. These levels are pertaining to having shelter, food, energy and being a member in a tribe or community. It’s quite difficult as an individual to be sufficiently prepped for all situations. This would be quite expensive, difficult to have all the bases covered and then storing and protecting those resources or assets. However, being a member of a tribe gives access to a diversity of resources and protection via the community.  This level is about maintaining a physical, health/safety and well-being/existence.

The second level of prepping is about feeling, thinking and being. Which are the heart, head and psychic levels. In a sense, this level of prepping is about the ability to navigate. At this level, feeling, thinking and being are the skills to navigate the crises as opportunities for change. This is more about being agile, nimble, fluid and being able to maintain a sense of both yourself and being able to work with or navigate within a dynamic situation or flow. It’s like when the battle or the fight begins then one must be aware of and use strategies and tactics to live to fight another day. The focus is to adapt, innovate and execute or die.

The third level is about the meaning and purpose. This level umbrellas (cover) or encompasses the other two prior levels. The first and second levels are difficult to make sense of, endure and survive without the spiritual, i.e., meaning and purpose. The survivors of horrific experiences such as concentration camps, wars and personal traumatic experiences. The folks despite these experiences, that do well, are folks who have meaning and purpose. And have a healthy dose of hope, faith and love. It is the meaning and purpose helps them survive and make sense the their traumatic experience. These folks come to realize and view their experiences as lessons for themselves, as service to others or to be a witness or light for others. Underlying their conviction, is realization that a person always has the freedom to choose how they will respond, i.e. they make a conscious choice to deal with what is before them. Perhaps best, is an invitation to become acquainted with Victor Frankl. Who’s life and work are relevant during our current challenging times.

“We can discover this meaning in life in three different ways: (1) by creating a work or doing a deed; (2) by experiencing something or encountering someone; and (3) by the attitude we take toward unavoidable suffering” and that “everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances”.[3],thing%3A%20the%20last%20of%20the

Destination, Direction and Being

How does all of this combine? It’s similar to Destination versus Direction. Destination is where you are going, it’s a place. Versus direction is the way or how we get there. And then there is the adventure of being on the journey. The destination is a mental construct and ego thing. I want to go ____! It is a declaration of independence (of sovereignty). Direction is how I/we want to get there. For example, I want to get there by car. Well the car needs to be capable to get there. Is it in good condition, with adequate tires, enough gas and oil? This is your body whether you view your vehicle as a physical body of blood, guts and bones. Or perhaps as an energy being with our charka vortexes or as a soul incarnate on the planet. And the adventure is your being-ness on your travels. Are we are able to navigate and negotiate the adventure? What type of traveler or adventurer are you? A crabby grumpy one, a happy excite, or a blessed and enraptured. We all get to choose our destination, direction, how we get there and our attitude or being-ness while on our adventure.

By choosing our attitude or being-ness, we are choosing or manifesting our space/time reality for our adventure. WTH are you talking about Timmy? This is very simple and we do it everyday. Let’s say we are on a long airplane flight. And if you are grumpy or perhaps feel you are seated with an obnoxious fellow traveler… OMG the flight is long and unbearable. Where in heck is my neck pillow, sleeping mask, medications, noise cancelling head phones and please for the love of God, I can just fall asleep and arrive without jet lag… “can I get 3 drinks at a time… oh wait then I’ll have to go to pee in a couple of hours… nevermind.” Hell in a sardine tin with wings… who’d thought this would be fun?

Well what if this obnoxious traveler happens to be rather interesting and you end up having a great conversation, similar interest and you are going to the same place. OMG, your new best friend! And the long flight feels like it was only 75 minutes instead of the six hours. And then, at the conference you discover your new bestie is the keynote speaker and you are hanging out making all kinds of connections beyond your wildest imagination.


An interesting part of being-ness is intuition. Intuition operates at a level beyond rational or logical thinking process. Rational thought and it’s processes are at a lower rung on ladder. And it being on this lower rung, one is unable to conceive or understand what is happening. It’s like a 5-year old child trying to understand how a car works. The child can see that something happens, but does not know why or understand how it happens. It’s all magic, cool and takes them to wonderous places. In fact most folks who drive cars, don’t know how the transmissions, cruise control, etc. really work… they just do. And as long as the car works, and they don’t have to think about it; they are happy!

Ideas of Intuition

There are various concepts to this thing we call intuition. One is at the instinctual level. Like birds, butterflies, whales migrating or a swarming of insects and school of swimming fish. Apparently due to weather, solar cycle, magnetic, hormonal, pheromones/scents, etc. The behavior is at a pre-rational or instinctual level and there is no consciousness decision. After years of experience, an expert notices or knows that there are correlations or profile and able to make rational and reasonable connections. Often this expert knowledge and experience is mistaken for intuition because the expert is able to recognize and know things that are seemingly invisible to the layperson. And there is intuition, that is at the trans or beyond the rational thought level. A way to look at this vehicle of intuition is that our body contain an enormous amount of nerve cells. Some estimates are that if nerve cells placed end-to-end, there are between 27,000 to 100,000 miles of nerves. If this is the case, we have a huge antenna that can attune and pickup all kinds of subtle signs and signals that is beyond our rational thought processes. Perhaps we are transceivers, i.e., are able to both receive and transmit? This antenna concept is found both in ancient texts and there is a growing body of thought and research that indicates that we can use our consciousness as transceivers. The transceiver concept is that we can both receive and transmit. And this idea likens to the physics concepts of entanglement. (

Intuition as a Guide

Intuition is about being open to direction. Intuition guides us to our destination via our willingness to be guided. And it can be quite efficient and direct while seemingly wondering around. Folks, intuition is increasing. For those of you that acknowledge and aware are noticing this. For other’s less inclined, perhaps become more aware, pay attention and learn to trust and be guided by your intuition. Start small, like when out doing errands, trust and believe that you will find a parking place, that you will run into a friend that you haven’t seen for a while, that the item you were thinking about buying on-line, now randomly shows up before your eyes and is at a steep discount. Intuition is not about looking for, focusing on or wanting/attraction manifesting. It’s about being open, recognizing or having a glimpse and discovering the treasure.

Order and timing become interesting. If we have a want or desire and then discover it lying at our feet and all we have to do is pick it up; we call it manifestation. A simple cause and effect order and timing. We can also have the item or experience and then retrospectively recognize that it was indeed a treasure, lesson or blessing. The timing and order is out of order, hmm? Is this intuition that is phased with pre-intuition with post-insight and pre-cog-intuitive that is like a “klein bottle” without boundary and “mobius strip” where there is no orientation. (, There is another option where time and space collapses or reorients to just being a point of experience. Stanislav Grof ( in his book Realms of the Human Unconscious, 1975) notes that the linear sense of time when rotated 90 degrees collapses into a “condensed experience” (COEX). Whoa, WTH just happened experience. Perhaps it’s an occurrence of synchronicity when flow as a wave re-orients to a 1-pointed experience that just happens? Is this the Ram Dass’ notion of “Be Here Now?” Well where else could anyone be? Are we always in the now but our mind, ego and consciousness plays by making and working on new puzzles to experience novelty? And thus the idea that the experience of novelty is an expansion of self-discovery; (see

Rounding back to the psychic level mentioned in the first paragraph. We are seeing an explosion of what historically been considered in the realm of psychic phenomena. Whether it is channeling, remote viewing, laying of hands and prayer (energy) healing, etc. There are all types of lectures, workshops and coaches offering services and education. It is a far cry from when I was first introduced and became interested back in the 60’s and 70’s. Some note that the Aquarian knowledge and energy is now being poured out as liquid (lucid?) light on the planet which is encoded information, energy, symbolic metaphor via psychic means of of telepathy, channeling, intuition, etc.

So are you going to flood, float or flow in this new energy and knowledge? And of course the other questions: Why, when, where, what and how are you sail your ship? Are your sails filled with compassion, your rudder trued with integrity to gracefully sail across oceans of change. Close your eyes to the raging storms of change. Orient to your NorthStar. Navigate by your compass points of integrity, compassion, gracefulness and being. Sail on… guided by twinkling stars of intuition within.

May fair winds blow you home. Blessings!


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