Intuition and Quantum Jumping

Intuition and Quantum Jumping

We are transformers of energy/frequency/material/dimensions.

The emerging notion of intuition and love incorporates developing sovereign consciousness, connecting with each other via the heart (love) and using intuition. Socially and culturally this approach is seemingly a soft and fuzzy Pollyanna. And relies on the trust and synchronicity of believing in a purposeful existence. Essentially, every event and everyone has something to offer. And where one can appreciate the diversity of others. Underlying this is the foundation of integrity, compassion and gracefulness. However, the ability to interact with integrity, compassion and gracefulness can be quite difficult to do with everybody. Perhaps to do this is recognizing that we all belong to the same soul family, tribe, community and/or planet. And therefore, appreciate the opportunities to work and co-create together.

Intuition is a different operating system. Intuition is based on knowing, i.e., self-evident belief. The challenge is, can we believe and accept our consensual reality while also being at least open to entertain another reality? Intuition is a type of knowledge and depends on the type of closely intertwined and yet differentiated by the form of verification. Link to a deeper discussion of Knowledge

Intuition is a concept which everyone knows but it is very difficult to pin down to what it exactly is. In psychology, intuition is one of those difficult and nebulous concepts. It can be a form of expert knowledge based on years of experience. Some reference it as ESP or psychic abilities. Carl Jung noted the concept of synchronicity, which has flavors of intuition. The “new agers” talk about attraction, imagery and manifestation. There are the brain waves, flow state and Sylvan technique folks. There are the aboriginal cultures and their shaman and crone elders. And then there is nature itself; life forms, electrons and galaxies of light and unseen matter. Is this beyond knowledge, consciousness and intuition?

This past week, the below came across the digital universe into my email. Being part skeptic, part optimist and with decades down various rabbit holes. I did a quick survey of the “quantum jumping” rabbit hole…hmm interesting. I’d never heard of quantum jumping but has been around for some time. Like many things there are enthusiasts, tips for jumping hacks and those who admonish the practice.

Quantum Jumping: Create a brand new you by projecting your consciousness into a multiverse of infinite possibilities

Based on the work of the late mind science pioneer Burt Goldman, Quantum Jumping is an advanced visualization method like no other. Harness your mind to meet alternate versions of you in the multiverse: and embody the wisdom, abilities, and inspiration you need to design your ultimate reality. 

While this is an interesting take; please take my money…lol. To be clear, I am not this disparaging Mind Valley nor Burt Goldman. Perhaps quantum jumping is a rather ingenious contemporary repackaging of ancient thoughts. Perhaps ancient thoughts have lost relevance because of the unfamiliar ancient cultural accouterments that have since been regulated to myths, legend, mystic other worlds; only to be deciphered by the initiates, adepts and masters. On the other hand, are we at the time of the great unveiling or revelation or unsealing and now are able to have direct knowledge as spoken about in the Aquarian age?

I wonder if this email indicates synchronicity and is perhaps a manifestation of my pondering of intuition?

In the discussion of intuition, we have knowledge, the future, synchronicity, time, reality, multi-dimensional universes and perhaps manifestation. Wait, this is a big rabbit hole. There must be some be some BIG rabbit down there. As usual, liking to frame an issue as a question. The question is, how do I negotiate the rabbit hole and catch the BIG bunny?

As in fishing, everybody has a different idea about fishing. Folks use different fishing gear, bait, the best time of day or weather and perhaps going after a different fish. The same idea applies to intuition. Everyone is unique; has different needs, tools and goals. Everyone has to develop their own knowledge, tools, skills and ability to execute their intuition. It is useful to survey how people intuit and for what purpose. For some, they journal, channel, write poetry, create of some art form, meditate, visualize, do yoga, tarot cards, brain waves, dream, etc. The only reasonable thing is to refer you to do your own research, diligence and discernment of what works for you. Other than that, is to share an example of what works for myself. 

In this LoveChangeGrow endeavor, I have been using dreaming as a launchpad. This entails preparing for a good night’s sleep. Along, with the expectation of interesting dreams that are contain potentially utilitarian value for my awake world experience. The following are the specific things that I do.

 1.    Usually tired and have managed my energy level with coffee, napping, activity so as not to disrupt quality sleep.

2.    Before laying down and going to sleep, I will often then noodle or play around on my guitar for 30 to 60 minutes as a relaxing transition.

3.    Lay out easy access to paper and pencil to jot a few notes and ideas when the time comes.

4.    I often wake from dreaming between 3:30 AM to 5:30 am.

5.    However, up on awakening, I continue to lie, with eyes closed to maintain a twilight state that is between dreaming and being awake/activated. I do not open my eyes nor look at the clock or get up.

6.    While in this twilight state, I try to let my dreams continue and come back into memory while also wondering about their meaning, symbology, application, etc. Sometimes, I will fall back into the dream and be able to easily lucid dream. Lucid dreaming is having some conscious control or awareness while dreaming.

7.    The majority of the time, I can ride this razor’s edge of lucidity; a semi-dream twilight state and having conscious clarity of visualizing and stepping into an alternate reality.

8.    In this alternate reality, there is the ability and capacity of hyper-realism. There is clarity, the ability for imaginal envisioning and to step into being a conscious participant of this hyper-realistic state.

9.    In this twilight state, I can further flesh out and articulate concepts and thoughts. Often, I’m able to maintain this state for upwards of 90 minutes. Toward the end, I try to consolidate my thoughts and concepts to prepare for making a few written notes.

10.       I will awaken, turn on a night light, grab my pad of paper and pencil and write ideas and notes. Writing helps pull out more specifics and details to expand.

Perhaps this process is like “quantum jumping” and/or aspects of “micro dosing.” Alas just an example of my a’la improvised jam on accessing alternate realities. However, the concept of “quantum jumping” has provoked some things to try; like pulling abilities from other dimensions of the self to improve my guitar playing or a new language. At another level, it is curious that I have been thinking about intuition for the past few weeks and today, Mind Valley/quantum jumping drops into my digital world. Does this confirm that we live in a multi-dimensional and interactional universe? Is this part of the “great shift” trending towards discovering “direct” knowledge/intuition of using our hearts, consciousness and the field to manifest a new earth?

 Peace, love and light!



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