The Faces of Self

The Faces of Self:

Most everyone is familiar with the three faces of self. There are many pictures and reliefs depicting a trinity of aspects. Many cultures note a “trinity” such as in Hinduism there is Brahma the creator, Vishnu the preserver and Shiva the destroyer. In Christianity there is the father, son and holy spirit; and Buddhism has the Trikaya. The three faces can be associated with time; the past the present and the future. The left faces toward the past. The middle directly looks towards us. And the right face is turned towards the right looks at the future. Each culture has the trinity concept dressed in their relative accoutrements. For us in the age of empiricism it’s time/space, frequency and dimensions and the conundrum is entanglement.

It is interesting that we see all three faces at once. Which brings up the notion that the past, present and future can be collapsed. Refer to a previous post, the idea of seeing an experience from a linear perspective; from left to right. When rotated 90°, an experience/event appears collapsed. Thus, the collapsed observation of an experienced loses its depth or condensed. See Time and Space are Malleable

I’ve always wondered how can something is both a particle and wave? If we look at an event from that linear perspective, it will look like a wave. Perhaps a sine wave with its peaks and valleys. But if we rotate 90°. We either rotate ourselves or the event 90° and the peaks and valleys will look like a small vertical line on a piece of paper (though in 3-D representation it would be a circle or spiral). And if we compress the peaks and valleys of the wave, when rotated the 90° we will merely see either a point/dot, circle or spiral. And could not note any time; it would instantaneously appear and disappear with no relation to time and space.

Another interesting piece is that the dot/point would appear only if it were directly square of our perspective. Though the dot/sphere will always be in a squared/90° relationship when observing the point. And if we only have our perspective of being just an individual at a specific time and place. Then all we could see is just a dot/point and could not determine whether an event was heading toward us or away from us. However, from the wave perspective we would see an event occurring from left-to-right forwards or a backwards motion of right-to-left. But that event would never reach us because it was traveling 90° from our observational position or perspective. And this begs the Nuemann-Wigner idea that the consciousness of the observer/experimenter can affect the result of whether a particle or a wave is observed.

I can imagine you are now thinking what the hell are you talking about and why? There are many times when I confuse myself and likely this is one of them. Many years ago, when looking at the pictures of the three faces, I asked myself why were there three faces and not only one or two or four faces or even more? If there was only one face, perhaps that’s representing the one, the “I”, or the TAO/DAO/Way. Two faces represent the dualistic nature of the dichotomies. That is the light/dark, alpha/omega, man/woman, Yin/Yang. Three faces represent the beginning, the middle and the end or the past, present and future. What about four faces? Perhaps in the representation of the three faces, there is also a fourth face represented. The fourth face is the face of no face. It is the face of the unseen. Unseen does not mean that it does not exist. It is the face before face and the face after face? There are references in many cultures where this where this seems to be the case. An ongoing representation in human culture is the references to the lunar cycle. In the lunar cycle, there is the new moon which is not seen but is present. The moon gradually waxes to the full moon. And then goes waning and becomes a new moon. The gardening metaphor of spring, summer, fall and winter also represents a similar fractal pattern. Winter is dark, introspective and unseen.

Wrapping this up, we have the four faces/phases/seasons that are, in a sense, the mechanical clockworks. Along with the mirror type positions. That is the perspectives of “in” and “out” which basically equate with the outer perspective that is the linear or wave observation/perspective. And the inner perspective being the particle of a compressed experience. So here is the point of all of this. With the outer/wave perspective, we can observe the spinning of galaxies. It is a huge, wonderful and awe-inspiring perspective that we can observe and yet stand apart. And with the inner/particle perspective we have a spectrum in which we can expand or compress our experience. Perhaps an easier way to think about this as a point/dot is a sphere of experience/event that can be an infinitesimal small point or has a range of a sphere that can encompass the entirety of spinning of galaxies. And from this perspective we are both the infinitesimal point and the infinity of multi-dimensional galaxies. See Mirror and the Butterfly. The point is that via our consciousness we can be all of this and/or none of this. The only limitation is us, i.e., our ability to imagine, to create, to BE and not to BE. Imagine the light, step in to the light and become the light. Consciousness, heart and field are the three faces of Self. Plus you have one more.

 Peace, love and light!



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