Master Class 2

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Spring Master Class #2

Spring’s master class is a deeper dive into the Love Change Grow master strategy. I presented the first masterclass was on on December 21, 2022. It was an introduction focusing on claiming one’s identity and sovereignty, a brief explanation of change as the gap and last the introduction of the gardening metaphor.

In this masterclass, we are doing a deeper dive. Let’s get started. Look at love as asking the question who am I? When we peel off the layers of the onion, the center of the onion is nothing but the “I Am.” The I Am is awareness or the state of consciousness. There is nothing more or less. It is the alpha and omega. It is the master or God statement. The I Am is claiming the I Am. The core of the I Am statement is being. It is the existing. The speaking of the I Am is bringing into the existence that of what you are stating. You are a creator that creates or brings into existence what you state. Hence the statements of I am love, I am joy, I and compassion, I am grace, etc. With these statements of being, you create and manifest. And here’s the issue. Folks run around and state I Am sick, I don’t feel well, I Am crazy, tired, bored, lonely, angry, irritated, frustrated, etc. No wonder we feel like we are in hell. We are basically calling into existence our reality. The whole affirmation technique is basically this. The issue is becoming mindful of what we want to create and then directly stating, “I Am… “. Often you hear, I want to be healthy, be loving, kind. And these types of statements are one step removed from the I Am statement. I want, means that you are not in the state of being; there is a gap.

Moving on to change. Change is the gap for the space between opposites. Opposites are opposite and complementary. They are in a relationship with each other. This opposition creates space, dynamics, flow or movement. And this movement creates opportunity. In between opposites and yet in the dynamic flow. This is where the opportunities present themselves. Yet you have to be (awareness/mindful) able to recognize this space, recognize the patterns of the dynamics, flow, movement and the opportunities. In the gap’s space are opportunities which are patterns of potential. The space is also the place in which to step into the gap and grab, i.e., to claim the opportunity to manifest or create beingness.

Another way to look at this is like the genie in the bottle or the wish granting stone. So the common knowledge is you get three wishes and the first two don’t count. The first wish is I wish for gold. But you find it’s an immense burden. Never mind, I do not want the gold. Second wish I want an adoring spouse. But the spouse is always following you around, asking what they can do to make you happy. OMG what a bother. Now you’re down to your last wish. And suddenly you realize the best would be an unlimited number of wishes. Winner, winner chicken dinner! Teasing this out a bit whether you have a bottle or a stone to acknowledge and grant your wish you have to rub it. Rubbing is the action or the dynamic that creates the movement and in that movement creates the opportunity. It’s the rub of opposites.

Now we arrive at growing, i.e., gardening. The growing season is spring, summer and fall. The planning, doing and harvesting are about doing the task at the right time. You are actively making, creating and have learned to recognize and grab the opportunities to germinate/plant, grow and support and harvest at the right time. You recognize, grab and actualize (via action) the opportunities of each season. Likewise, seeing these are windows (or gaps) of opportunity are constantly changing, waxing and waning and yet a repeating fractal.

Winter’s activity is different. It is the time for recognizing, releasing, appreciating and being grateful. The early part of winter is evaluating and finding the seed or lesson to protect and carry forward to the next growing season. Winter is the time of releasing, letting go and surrendering. Instead of the act of grabbing and holding on. It is the act of opening your hand and releasing what you been holding.

If we are hanging on and holding onto something and it is torn away from our grasp. Then our experience is loss, sorrow and grief. But surrendering, letting go and releasing there is no grief. And instead of grief, there is relief. It is a lightening, an appreciation, thankfulness and gratefulness of having had the opportunity for the experience. But instead of experiencing sorrow and grief. One has the experience of joy, appreciation, thankfulness and being grateful. It is freeing, lightening and being able to dance joyfully, smile and shine.

However, if one feels they must hold on, they are in fear. The feeling is, if you let go, you will fall. This is difficult because it is the fear of death. But with practice and a little of experience of learning to let go, it can become freeing. Instead, you find out that instead of falling; you float and eventually learn to rise. It becomes an enlightening experience.

The thing in winter and the key milestone is the process of forgiveness. The process of forgiveness requires that you can look at or meditate on the bones. The bones are the good the bad and the ugly; yet the bones are the core. It is being able to recognize and appreciate what are the good things about the bones. What are the lessons or symbolisms of the old rotting bones? And then being thankful for what the ugly parts of the bone have taught us. Failure to look to the past dooms us to repeat it. Or what you resist, persists. The issue it to not just look at the past, but to learn the lessons of the past. By acknowledging what we have done, what they have done to us we can learn and thus not repeat the lessons. Early winter is the gap space for evaluation. And up on learning from the experience we can be grateful for the lessons. And forgiveness becomes easy because we recognize they who have taken part in the experience are the humble teachers. When we acknowledge them, it allows us to release the chains of the past and turnaround and move forward.

Forgiveness is an act of releasing and letting go of the chains that bind us to the past. If we can understand and release, we are surrendering or letting go of our past. This can be a release from the karmic wheel. It can be an opportunity to release or let go of generational karma so that our future selves are no longer burdened by generational karma. So let me go briefly out on a limb. As we are coming into more light, we are seeing (understanding) the horrific experiences of slavery, sex trafficking and the devastation of lives. If we can take a hard look at what this is, at what are the lessons; we have the opportunity to heal, to let go of the anger, fear and devastation. The opportunity to compassionately and gracefully release and forgive frees us from the physical emotional and mental chains of slavery that have bound countless generations.

Here’s the nut of the situation. You have to be able to let go before you can grab on to something else. It’s difficult to focus on two things simultaneously. Remember, we are dealing with two opposing forces. One is contraction, grabbing or holding; which takes an enormous amount of energy. And the other is relaxing, opening and letting go; which takes mindfulness. There is a gap between the opening and the closing and the closing and opening. And if that gap is just a moment or there’s very little time or space. It’s a reactive or reflexive action or behavior. Whereas if you can step into and abide in the gap. Then you can observe patterns, wait patiently for opportunities to develop and then grab or select those opportunities that are potentially more aligned with your being. This is a more strategic approach to operate from. It will allow us to take a position of evaluation, pattern recognition and then strategically step into the next opportunity.

Right now, we are in the process of a great opportunity to forgive and release. It’s like the Indiana Jones or Thor movies. Hope has gotten us to the bridge. Then there’s the gatekeeper who asked the question. “What do you seek?” The holy Grail. And then the gatekeeper opens the caved vault (the inner sanctum) to the grail cups and states “choose wisely!” And thus, with faith, we choose the Holy Grail and gain access to stepping on the bridge; but with the last warning of don’t look down. Love enables us to walk or run across the bridge as it unfolds before us. If we keep our focus on love, we are looking upwards and forwards, knowing that the bridge will be there as we take the next step. But if we look down, we fall, because of the act of looking down we have taken our focus off love and put our attention on fear. Thus, we fall. The bridge is no longer there. Love is the bridge.

The bridge is just a metaphor or allegory. Perhaps because of environmental factors there are other stories that are very similar, whether it be wandering in the desert, getting lost in the fog, the jungle, trees or crossing the veil.

Choose wisely.

Which one is the true grail cup? 

You are the holy grail.

You are the cup.

Your mind, heart and body are the cup that holds the secret.

The secret is that you are the I AM.

The God particle “the seed” and the

God mother is “the holy womb (garden) of creation!”

You are sovereign.

You have free will.

Choose wisely!


March 20, 2023

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