Master Class #1

Winter Solstice: Discover the New You

Winter Solstice filled with deep and ancient symbolism.

This is a deep dive to discover your new self. We are at a monumental shift on this planet. There seems to be a lot of confusing information opinions and events happening in the world today.

Stay with me and let’s make a jump out to the level of our solar system. This is way beyond the 10,000-foot perspective. Sitting at the esoteric and metaphysical level. We are beginning a change from a three-dimensional carbon-based physical reality. To an energy or frequency-based reality. I know that this is a crazy proposition. But here goes. There is forming a synthesis of physics, religions and meta-physics, leading to the idea that consciousness can influence and perhaps create physical reality. Or at the very least consciousness can influence our experience of reality, which is more from a psychological framework.

For the past 2000+ years, the proclamation was that physical reality determines our behaviors and affects our consciousness. That the experience of being a human is based on what the physical reality sets as the parameters of what we are to become. One of the major doctrines was of Charles Darwin and that we result from gene/DNA expression. The premise is that we are products of our physical environment. More recently is that our DNA interacts with our external environment. But the idea of being products of our physical environment is only part true.

On the other side, emerging is that we are changing to an energy or frequency-based reality. That consciousness will have a much more profound effect on our experience on this planet. So instead of focusing on the physical aspects it becomes more of focusing your awareness or consciousness and how that awareness affects your experience of reality. It becomes more important of what, how and when to focus your awareness or consciousness. The major problem with the concept of awareness and consciousness is that whether it is religious doctrine, philosophy, psychology or the newer cognitive and neurological sciences; there is no common or unified definition or agreed on concept of what is exactly awareness or consciousness. And how can it be quantified for empirical scientific study?

Let me go off into the weeds for a moment. Currently, there seems to be a battle for your awareness, for your attention. For example, the news is about who controls the narrative, what the rhetoric is, is a huge attempt to capture our attention. We can see the emergence from that information age and now into the digital age to capture your options into algorithms to a narrow focus. You experience this with the algorithms on YouTube, Facebook and major Internet browsers. Perhaps you’re sitting in your living room, and you are casually having a conversation about flying squirrels. And the next time you open up your Internet browser there are stories about sugar flyers; the tiny little squirrels that fly around your house…could be your new pet. Recently, it’s interesting to find that subscription prices to all kinds of on-line services are no longer readily available. Now you have to hunt to find the price, but the first tactic is to just click on to the package that enrolls you into the seven-day free trial offer followed by the option to “opt in” a yearly subscription; but it’s difficult to find or presume what or where is the “opt-out” button.

I wonder if the new marketing is really a transitional step towards artificial intelligence, neuro-link and the use of digital exchange/economy. But also concurrently, there is the bombardment of confusing news and information. It is well known in psychology; this leads to a more easily influenced and manipulated individual/populace. The point of this wander into the weeds is to point out that there is an agenda to lead to become unaware and controlled. They often couch it that this technology is for your convenience and benefit. You have a choice that you could use it. But there is also an agenda to be controlled by it by limiting your options or getting you addicted because it is convenient. Of course, their rebuttal is “you used it. It was obviously your choice to have become addicted.” To which this rebuttal side-steps the social-moral imperative of the drug dealer.

Ok out of the weeds and back to consciousness, energy and frequency. Once you discover your deep SELF, the technology, AI and digital influences cannot touch you nor can they control you because you have claimed your SELF. If you recognize your SELF to be sovereign, a being that has awareness and the ability to choose. Then you become responsible for your SELF. You claim your SELF and have chosen to BE aware and conscious.

The premise that reality is a soup of energies and frequencies; or in the old school way of noting; the VIBES! Then, with you being conscious, you can set up the vibes or frequencies or a resonance to create the experience of your reality. This is not saying that you create reality; but that you create your EXPERIENCE of reality. Something readily noted this during interactions with another person. You and another are co-creating a real discussion between your selves; but each person has a unique experience of the co-created discussion. It’s not either/or but there are at least 5 dimensions to this simple interaction. 1) The experiential experience of person A. 2) The experiential experience of person B. 3) The witness/observer view of person A. 4) The witness/observer view of person B. 5) the co-creative experience of the interaction. And there is a 6th dimension of constant movement and change through time and space.

Here in few minutes, I will show you a place where you become the creator of your experience. You can easily get to the place where you can proclaim your reality. Thus, you can learn to state or create a resonance out into the universe. And it will be reflected back to you. Your experience of reality will be like that of a mirror that reflects to you what you created. You discover you are an observer of the reality that you create; you command or proclaim. And it shall be. That is a lot of power.

However, there is an elegance. If you want to you use this power for yourself, you build yourself a gilded birdcage or prison of your own making. This is because one is using this power or operates from the level of the ego. It is using the power of “what can I get…” and you shall receive. You can create quite the gilded birdcage. On a side note, some things that are currently being seen on the planet, are the bird cages of the powerful are crumbling and turning to dust. There are many systems, infrastructure, powerful corporations and leaders that are getting quite nervous. There is a palatable feeling these old paradigms are no longer being supported. If one chooses the “I want” power, they are choosing to learn the lessons of integrity, compassion and gracefulness; which is fine. We have all had to learn these lessons on the path here. I’d imagine if you are here, you have already learned these tough lessons.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are now in a transition stage.

However, if you choose to focus your power on “what you can give… what you can share,” be it your talents, skills or resources. You are setting up a different resonance. A different experience of reality. Which will be reflected back to you as a flow of abundance. It is the old adage of you reap what you sow. The issue is, what are you going to sow? It is your choice. Choose wisely. Well, how do you do that? It’s easy, you choose love. With choosing love, there is also integrity, compassion and gracefulness. Align your SELF, with love and your heart will be filled with compassionate and graceful and your actions will have integrity.

Side Note: Power to choose. It’s about the power of the ego.  Power is a tool of the ego. Power is often about “what can I get.” Beyond power is going beyond the ego. It becomes “what can I give?” Power without grace is a sledgehammer. Grace inherently has power but with discerning use of the hammer, can create something exquisite. Power with grace becomes craftsmanship. It involves or becomes an art form that respects and appreciates the qualities of the medium. It’s like Michelangelo’s statement “The sculpture is already complete within the marble block, before I start my work. It is already there, I just have to chisel away the superfluous material.” You are the Michelangelo of your own life, and you are sculpting you; chiseling away the superfluous parts and revealing the integrity, compassion and gracefulness of your SELF. Your life becomes a piece of art showed by your decisions and actions. What it reveals are your inherent ethereal characteries of integrity, compassion and gracefulness. That respects and appreciates what is before you. That which is inherent in the piece of artwork or an action. Integrity, compassion and grace are the use of power not for one’s self or ego but for the benefit of another.

Be forewarned we are seeing the crumbling of individuals and empires that are based on what can they can get. I wonder about the statement of “the meek shall inherent the earth.”  

Love being the greatest force in the universe, standing in your beingness and making sovereign free-will choices with discernment of what can I give. Wherein there is a recognition of who you really are and an alignment with the greatest force in the universe along with what can I give… and with free will/choice; brings the next concept.

When one discovers their inherent divine self, one stands in their beingness while making the discerning freewill choice of what can I give, becomes the following.

The basis of the question “what can I give or share?” is a matter of consciousness. Conscious awareness recognizes it becomes a matter of energy, i.e., frequency and resonance of what can I give to this world, on this planet at this moment of now.

In my career, there were thousands of folks who would state many things such as I AM… Sick, crazy, depressed, overwhelmed, confused, etc. I hate, this is crap, my life is terrible, I am hungry, I just want to be loved, etc. All of this it was a demonstration; a matter of evidence. These folks did not recognize who they truly were nor did they understand the power of their self and subsequent statements that brought existence/experience of their reality.

These poor souls were master teachers that clearly showed me I had a choice to make. And that choice would bring in to existence the reality I chose. When realizing this lesson, one must recognize it is also an immense responsibility and an enormous opportunity to create one’s reality.

It’s like the old riddle: you get three wishes and the first two don’t count. The response is… my wish is to have unlimited wishes! This is actually the case but instead of unlimited wishes, you have unlimited opportunities to choose what you bring into reality. And this is because each moment is an opportunity to choose a reality to bring forth. In some communities, this is called choosing another timeline, or going into another dimension, or that there is a multidimensional reality and one gets to choose which realities to be in. This is seemingly all very complex and perhaps confusing. But it is simple and straightforward.

You know your SELF, your power and opportunity. The next thing to figure out is what do you love, what are you passionate about, what is it that brings you joy? Once you figure out your dreams, passions, joy and love; then you align it with your sense of self, your power and opportunity. It’s an easy decision option, a no-brainer because you are using your heart, i.e., your love powers-on or connects with this reality. The reality is, it’s already there for you. You just got to connect to it via your heart and to envision it with your consciousness. It becomes your reality in which to play, learn, dance and experience. Meanwhile, the deep observer or witness self is enjoying the unfolding of your creation. This observer is just watching the producer, director and primary actor in the movie of your life. Subsequently, you have five parts to play in this movie called life: the creator, producer, director, actor and the audience/observer. It is your sovereign choice and at any moment you can choose a different script, a different scene, a different plot in your life.

I would like to share a script of short guided meditation to introduce you to your deep self and it might be a simple direct method that you can use anytime to connect with your deep self.

A guided meditation.

Tip… make a recording of the script in your own voice. Record your voice in a calm, relaxing, smooth and non-animated tone.

This meditation is potentially a simple a door or a pathway, until you can easily drop into yourself. (But there are many doorways, the issue is finding one that works for you.) Dropping into yourself will become your practice of connecting with your source to re-energize and for inspiration, renewal, rebirth and will give you many other gifts to share with others. This connection; the doorway/path is simply inside you. All you need to do is to create a space, withdrawing your attention from all the superfluous stuff and distractions of the ego.

Let’s go meet and discover more of you SELF. If you don’t want to go, that is fine. It is your decision; you are a sovereign being, have freewill and discernment of what is best for you. If you would like to go on this meditative journey, give yourself permission.

[Your first name] It will only take a few minutes and you will return refreshed.

Take a few moments to get in a comfortable position, you can sit or lie down in a relaxed and comfortable position.

Now that you are comfortable and relaxed…

Gently close your eyes and take a few deep relaxing breaths…

Slowly in and out… In… and Out…. In…. and Out….

Your body is feeling heavy, sinking, rested and supported by the (chair/Bed).

Rise above the feelings and sensations… of the body.

Your body is comfortable and relaxed…  

Your awareness is rising and floating just above your body.

Let your awareness continue to rise… just floating and weightless… floating… and weightless…

You are floating free like a beautiful cloud on a sunny blue day.

Continue to rise and float, you a beautiful cloud. There is no need for your name and other things that you thought were you.

You are floating above the need for your role and responsibilities, beyond your culture … race… sex and even body.

Notice that you are just observing. Just watching a wonderful and beautiful experience that you remember.

Watch it as it unfolds like a warm, wonderful… happy movie.

Notice that you are observing this wonderful memory.  

That this being observing or witnessing is your naked awareness… your consciousness… your deep Self that is beyond all the labels and identifiers.

This is your being… That observes… It is your consciousness.

It is your… Is… ness, your being

This Is… ness is beyond your experience,

It is… your divine infinite SELF… beyond space and time…

Take an endless moment… To BE…  IS… ness

You have dropped all illusions of who you thought you were…

Recognize your IS… ness, your beingness…

Rest in this divine beingness, floating, weightless

Notice the lightness… beingness… free and unburdened…

You are awareness beyond space and time…

You are feeling refreshed, renewed and free…

You are luminous clarity, energy, light and being…

Having discovering this, you can be this experience just by remembering… instantly.

Now that you have found and connected to your naked conscious awareness… feeling renewed and refreshed, full of energy and health…

Slowly and gently float down… like a soft, weightless feather landing back into your body…

Remain still and take a few breaths….

Now stretch and fit back into your body…

Slowly open your eyes and look around…

You are back… where you began just a few moments ago.

You are feeling refreshed, renewed, full of luminous clarity and full of energy and health.

Welcome Back!

 What we just did was to give you a path, a doorway to your higher self, source, universe and divine piece of GOD with in.

With this path, there are 3 essential questions for yourself:

Who am I? And you just found your I!

What is my passion?

And what am I to do about it?

You just introduced you to YOU…

Finding the “who am I” is not a 1 and done thing. But is an ongoing process of becoming. It’s becomes a repeated touch stone experience helping guide and navigate your life as it unfolds before you.

The “what is my passion” question sets up an intuitive resonance to guide your life as to your meaning and purpose. John Hillman’s “Acorn Theory” notes that we come into life with potential. Like with DNA, Soul Contracts and maybe Karma. And searching for our meaning and purpose is like finding an acorn or seed. Then growing from an acorn into an enormous oak tree.

And “what am I going to do about it” is really the logistic nuts and bolts of implementation and execution of growing from a seedling into a wonderful oak tree.

The winter solstice marks the time of transition/transformation from dark to light. From the old to the new, from death to rebirth.

Discovering your Is… ness, your being, then provides the opportunity to choose. An opportunity to claim your sovereign authority of how to direct your life’s movie. You are the actor, director and audience script advisor of your life.

Making a movie is difficult. Having vision, hope, faith, commitment, responsibility and the LOVE or passion/joy to produce this movie. Ultimately, it is your choice. But that doesn’t mean that we have to or can do it all by ourselves. In fact, to make a great move, we must collaborate and co-create and support others in order to make the movie of our life.

In the Love Change Grow, a master strategy for life. Love is foremost. Love motivates, supports and guides us in life. The deep dive into our Is…ness is about connection and discovering the authority to BE. The God statement is “I Am.” When we dive deep and touch our source/Is…ness/I AM. Then this produces and directs life’s movie script; whether it has storms, adventures, comedy, tragedies and triumphs. Perhaps they are opportunities to inspire, learn, teach, do and be. We have the divine sovereignty to change the script of our movie life.

We can then recognize and collaborate with other beings; their Is… ness… their pieces of God. We together can create heavens, buddha fields and the gardens of Gaia.

Below is a snippet of writing from Clif High’s substack dated 12/15/2022 that is a much more elegant note.

As Above, so Below.

As it is Outward, thus it is Inward.

To see all of Universe,

I need only observe my own Nature.

To understand all that manifests,

I need only Touch the Void.

Masakatsu agatsu (True Victory is Victory over Self).

{an aikido ‘reflection’ said quietly as you start your zazen session. }


Peace, love and light!



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