Consciousness Creates Reality?

Consciousness creates reality?

This post is an addendum; a part two of the winter solstice: discovering a new you. A master class posted on December 21, 2022.

In the winter solstice post and master class video, I talked about consciousness being a transformer of energy. And here, we dive and to exploiting the premise of consciousness creates reality. This premise directly confronts and is opposite to what most were taught. Which is consciousness results from physical reality. Physical reality can be as neurotransmitters, learned behavioral responses to our environment or perhaps because of DNA genetic potential and response from the external environment. Or DNA being genetic memory that has developed over eons of life on this planet. There are all kinds of speculative, academic, historical, cultural thoughts on what is consciousness and how to change it. The changing of consciousness from this perspective is some type of technique, supplement/nutrition, or some type of biochemical, interactive, mechanical and learned response to the environment in which we are embedded.

If consciousness creates reality, what does this mean, and why does it happen? Does this mean that consciousness is a tool of universe, source, spirit, God? Does consciousness change reality or change our experience of reality? And if consciousness changes our experience of reality, what is reality? If consciousness is a tool of the spirit, then does consciousness create? The prevailing thought is that reality creates consciousness. But the sensible middle ground is that consciousness and reality interact is some dynamic manner that creates and experience of reality. The middle ground concept is like the tantric school. In a simplistic manner, there is the ground/space from which arises experience and there is the seed of the experience. In tantra, there is the female aspect, which is the ground or womb and the male aspect is the seed that represents the potentials that is to become the experience. The interactive dynamic is the desire for existence. In order for existence, i.e., reality to occur, it requires the womb, i.e., space, time of where and when reality happens. Also, the potential of the seed is represented by the male aspect. And the desire for the experience. Desire brings together the womb and seed. But nothing will happen if anyone of these three aspects is absent. Underlying this interaction is movement. Movement of energy, frequency and resonance. And further lines of discussion, brings in concepts of karma, types/levels of desire, cycles of the female aspect, i.e., the phases of existence, e.g., maiden, mother, crone and destroyer. Or as in a child, adult, elder and death. In all cultures, there are intuitive references found in religious doctrine, myth, rituals and creation stories.

Let’s get out of the weeds and focus on a more useful question. Can consciousness create or at least change our experience of reality? A change of conscious or change of perspective, whether it’s called insight, learning, wisdom changes our experience or interpretation or perception of reality. The intent and purpose of education, therapy and religion evidences this. Which is delivered as lessons, insight and experience. These are examples we can change our experience of reality. However, the statement can consciousness can change reality is perhaps further down the path. If we view consciousness as “awareness,” then the more awareness, education and understanding of how things work in our “reality” is evidenced by our advances in technology. Science and technology have helped create a reality that was not even thought of or envisioned/imagined possible even 100 years ago.

We already have schools of thought in which consciousness is a tool to change our experience of reality. Schools of yoga, meditation, prayer, hypnosis, manifestation, etc. Each of these schools or models has their own concepts, languages and specific techniques. Often these schools involve initiation, training, and levels of specific instructions on how to use consciousness to get results. Schools range from Hatha, vipassana, chakra, pranayama, etc. And there is a parallel hierarchical structure of the world’s religions. Each of these schools is basically a way to learn how to create and thus choose distinct realities.

Another approach is what causes healing? Whether it is miracles, spontaneous remission, the placebo effect and the relationship between the beliefs and faith of the healer, “patient” and the technique. Perhaps at one level, it really doesn’t matter what the technique or cure is. It could be a sacrament, confession, sweat lodge, vision quest, ethnogenic substances such as of ayahuasca or mushrooms, hypnosis, meditation or prayer. Or redemption via service to others, etc. What is important is the belief and faith of the patient and the intended result of absolution of sin, cancer, energy clearing, etc. A deeper look into what does the patient believe their illness is, why it has happened and what is the best remedy or technique of healing. Depending on the patient’s worldview, it may be prayer and the belief of a higher being blessing the patient. Perhaps the patient believes that they have done something and need to do some kind of penance in order to be brought back into a state of health. In psychology, they often centered much of the malaise on the ideas of shame, blame and guilt. And by proper questioning leading to insight or proper understanding will lead to the release of this shame, blame or guilt. In yoga and meditative traditions, teach the techniques of consciousness or awareness to relieve one’s suffering by correct understanding.

The idea in new age thought is that consciousness creates reality. But which reality, there are a lot of differing realities? There is an explosion of a movement towards the idea of unity consciousness and an awareness for psychic phenomena. Is this similar to concepts of entanglement? The past few years, is the emergence of the manifestation movement. It seems everybody needs to learn how to manifest their lifelong love, millions of dollars, the job of their dreams, etc. Is this the new work smart model? Working with vibe, energy, frequency. Mastering the mind and heart energy somehow via the cosmos, universe, source, God, one’s desires will manifest. The psychic phenomena is more about synchronicity, flow and release. Is this magical thinking? Or is this some unknown phenomenon that science has yet to understand or measure? Or is it an actual phenomenon only revealed to the adepts of esoteric schools? Most wonder what if it was true? All of us drive a car and yet we don’t know how the automatic transmission works; but we have faith and belief. The point is often in life things happen. We don’t know or understand how or why, but it happens. It seems our body, mind, feelings and behaviors act on their own with little to no consciousness awareness. But what if consciousness were part of the equation?

Currently, there is the explosion of digital space. We have moved from cables and wires to wireless seemingly almost magical connection to an infinite amount of information. And this can all be yours if you have the right technology and know the correct settings, code or app to make things happen instantly.

It is interesting we have two parallel realities occurring at present. We have the digital AI thing happening. And we have the consciousness creating reality. I wonder why can’t we have both. Certainly, digital technology is becoming more accessible every day; but then again conscious via meditation, hypnosis, prayer, etc., is certainly gaining traction.

We are moving into a realm where, whether it be digital or consciousness it is a matter of skills, knowledge and technical use of a new reality. For some, this new digital realm is of the wizards, avatars and alchemy. In the digital realm is a battle between centralization versus decentralization. The consciousness realm has the believers and those who want scientific theory and empirical testing to prove consciousness can affect reality.

Underlying is the sovereign ability to choose. This goes back to the whole idea that earth school is a school of learning about sovereignty, choice and opportunities. That there are dichotomies, a division into two contrasting things or parts. Of course, there is the continued idea of good/bad, positive/negative, fear/love, male/female, etc. The deeper question is the what, why, how, when, and where to use consciousness to create our reality. The ultimate wish is having unlimited wishes. Which translates into having unlimited opportunities to decide the experience of reality one wishes to choose. There are those who have been choosing their reality for quite some time. With significant experience, one gains more wisdom of what to choose. It’s the idea is to choose wisely, or to be careful of what you wish for. At some point, a person learns lessons from their experience and realizes it’s best to move from the position of I want or I need to a position of what can I give or share to which we’ve already been through that discussion in “discovering your new self.”

I like the idea that consciousness creates our reality or at least our experience of reality. Is it horrifying or liberating? Are we responsible for whatever reality we create? If a person recognizes themself to be a part of universe, source or at least there is a piece of God/spirit within us. Then it is also coherent to recognize that each person also has a piece of God within them? If we subscribe to the premise that consciousness creates reality and is a tool of “the spirit,” then we come to a point that all others, i.e., all beings, whatever level or condition is also a part of universe, source or also has a piece of God with in them. We have a choice. An opportunity to co-create on this planet. The question then becomes what do we choose to co-create together? Are we to create heaven or hell? Do we to recognize that we do not need to fight or put down one another? We can choose peace, love and light; instead of war, fear and darkness? On this planet, we can choose, have faith and believe in the premise that consciousness creates reality.

It is not known what will happen in the future. But we know that something will happen. We will either choose to respond to what happens or can choose to help create what we want to happen. The choice of what you believe and to have faith in is yours. We have ever-expanding opportunities to choose from. Life can be infinitely complex and confusing and also be simple, intuitive and elegant. I believe that each being has the divine sovereign ability to choose. Choosing love is the most simple, intuitive and elegant choice.

Peace, love and light!



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