Welcome to 2023!

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Welcome to 2023!

The New Year’s edition of the Love Change Grow is a place of wondering and wandering the perennial cycles, inner/outer reality, recognizing patterns in the mirror, accidents being synchronistic disasters or blessings, crumbling and emerging paradigms. All predictions and fortunes all are seen through the color biased looking glass. There is only one accurate prediction. “All Things Change… change is the only constant… and change will happen.”

Everyone has new dreams or nightmares and some are lost in a labyrinth. There is the fear that a great storm has gathered and will bring about much destruction. Others welcome this as a great cleansing that will bring fresh opportunities surely as spring follows winter. Whether we forecast doom and despair or hope and redemption. Storm clouds swirl with breaks of warm, radiant light. We see doom and despair and also hope and redemption. The essential insight to take with you for this next year is to…

Believe In Yourself

Believe that you are sovereign in your integrity, compassion and gracefulness. Believe that you will find a way through this next year; just as you have every year. No one knows what will happen. But believe in hope and that every day is an opportunity for redemption.

Use your sixth sense, your intuition for guidance, your mind for pragmatic solutions and the strategy of your heart to meet the challenges of whatever happens. Remember the goal is to survive/thrive to live another day.

The tactic is “keep it simple stupid.” Kiss and embrace each opportunity with love. Approach with humility, modesty, gratitude, with integrity, compassion and gracefulness. Savor each day as your divine last supper. It really does not matter what happens outside in the worldly storms. When you abide in the warmth of sharing with one another. Do not lose yourself. Keep your heart focused on your BEING.

Know thyself!

You are the christened one.

You are the second coming of Christ.

Once you know this… Know and believe.

The earthly chains are broken and fall.

You are the divine sovereign being… there are many of us.

You/We are free. It is our choice and responsibility.

You/We are no longer enslaved by the manipulation of others.

The control mechanisms of the world… no longer influence us.

You/We walk up on the earth… a divine free being.

The World’s scriptures are revealed in the divine light of our being.

No longer shrouded in mystery… for you/we are the second coming.

Being birthed again, have passed through the eye of the needle.

Having inherited all the blessing of earth and all the riches in heaven.

Rise and walk!

Blessed be!

You are love!

You are the change!

Wherever you are… heavenly gardens grow!

Rise from the ashes!

Rise up and be!

Rise up and bless!

Oh, sisters and brothers shine brightly your divine flame.

Abide knowing that you are the chosen…

Because you have chosen to be.

Bless and be!

Believe… Be life!

Be the light!.

Be the peaceful refuge!

Be the grace!

Be love!



Peace, love and light,



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