Reality, Time and Gravity

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Nerd Alert and Disclaimer: Both videos are fascinating. Twisting my brain into a Mobius nub. Struggling to grasp what’s happening, only to realize, being an apparition lost in time. Logic and intuition offer only tenuous anchors. Penrose and Tucker talk about two different perspectives or experiences of time; the external objective vs internal subjective. The double slit experiment, entangles the observer. And consciousness begins to float and move about the chessboard. When a tree falls in the forest and no one is there, does it make a sound… was there even gravity? (See:  

The Videos

Andréa Morris, @Variable Minds discusses with Roger Penrose on His Theory Of Consciousness & Reality: Time Jumping Consciousness with Sir Rodger Penrose

Anne Tucker: Evolving Faster Than Now

If I understand (which is highly questionable) is that in quantum reality there are parallel alternate possibilities. When gravity collapses the quantum wave, there occurs a retroactive selection of one reality, i.e., classical reality (Penrose). If this is the case, from another perspective, we select a reality and send it forward to the future as a memory package (particle) which is revealed as our current reality (Tucker’s video). But do we choose to remember it or is this like a déjà vu? Penrose’s view, is that the classical reality is always present and determined as an embedded particle of quantum reality (wave). Tucker presents a concept of free will, where there is the ability to send a package of reality (classical) to the future, that is revealed in the now experience of being. I’m unsure if “free will” exists or is even tethered?

Another Elephant

The revealed classical experience is like the elephant in the room with the blind men each having a subjective experience/perception via their individual consciousness. Of course, each blind man’s experience (perception) of the elephant is highly malleable to a person’s perspective. Each perspective is presumed to have an underlayment of time. Yet the subjective experience of time is highly malleable. A repeat of “if there were no time, would there be a past and future experience (classical), or parallel alternative universes (quantum)?

Obviously, we can be conscious of the past, present and future. We can think of the future and remember the past. But “being” as in the “now,” do both the past and future become non-existent. The notion of the past, present, and future, is a conceptual understanding based on the premise that time is linear with serial processing and the accepted notion of causality; or is it temporally correlated. Or is there some type of “connection?” Yet the subconscious holds an archive of the past. And the imaginal consciousness can access possibilities of the future.  


However, “now as in being and to be,” brings up the issue of self-awareness. On the one hand, the notion of being and to be is self-evident. But to be conscious or being aware of being, presumes a perception of being. Merely an awareness of being then denotes a gap or an abyss between being and the awareness of being. An awareness of being reflects being, but is not “the being.” And presuming a lag time or latency; and thus, the awareness of being is from the back seat of the car, i.e., the past. 

The Magic

But the magic or transformation happens in the now. The now is the opportunity or portal to be… that does not allow the luxury of self -awareness nor being a backseat driver. So, who is in the front seat driving?… lol.

A cognitive speculation based on a logical presumption of serial processing, a classical reality perspective. But the present involves dropping out of the head and into “being.” Currently, the popular notion is that “being” is associated with feeling and the realm of the heart. Perhaps this is an anthropomorphic projection of how we connect with quantum reality? Notions such as knowledge, intuition, and being have been passed down to us as ineffable experiences with the quantum reality, i.e., God, divine, source, universe, etc.

Regardless of the traditions of religion, art, meditation, yoga, metaphysics and mystical traditions, all show the divine experience is perhaps touching the quantum reality. That it is a quality of being that is both present as in “now” and is seamless or infinite. A point where both time and space collapse (classical reality) and “quantum reality” coalesces the at the ineffable infinite, the alpha and omega, God, source, etc. Being present is where the magic happens. As in being present, one is open to all possibilities, parallel alternatives to the quantum field. However, “to be,” is the magic! In many prior posts, the place I refer to as the “gap” is where the magic happens. But “to be,” is the commandment or claiming what the classical reality to be which is coalesced from quantum reality. 

The present “now” enables us to recognize quantum. And that by being… to be, the quantum already supports our determined (sovereign and freewill?) classical reality. The only requirement is to be. And the quantum reality/field meets or connects or conjoins with classical reality. The trick is to be mindfully mindless, i.e., to be mindful enough and mindless otherwise. But who in hell is driving the car (experience)?

Magic Happens:

There is the pre, (the gap), post and follow-up perspective. The pre is when we ware our magic underwear. The gap is where the magic shit happens. The post is simply “wow shitty underwear.” And the follow-up for the believers is let’s do this again. Or for the skeptics is “let’s figure out an experiment to determine our confidence levels of whether we get shitty underwear… lol. This is the gamblers and addicts versus the scientists. 

The pragmatist endeavor is to figure out how does this work? Figuring out the schema of: A + B = C. And the entrepreneur is A + B = C x $ – cost = $$$ (profit).

The unsuspecting… what the hell just happened?

And the mystics… Holy Shit!

Which is to suspend our usual every day cognitive processing. Instead of using our mind, to attend to the cognitive processing of the past and future to “suss out” (determine) our “classical reality.” We focus our attention to the quantum reality. We use the mind to relax and quiet the mind, open, or relax into our heart to connect to the quantum reality. Being (attentional focus) in quantum reality there is no self or other, there is only being. Ram Das’ “be here now” shows the distinction between the psychological self and the consciousness of the “other” collapses into the waveform of being; alluded by the quantum theorists. The wave form is like the flow state. 

The question of being able to be aware of both classical reality (particle) and the quantum reality (wave) simultaneously is the concept of the double slit experiment. This experiment brought forth the notion that the observer (a third party) influences the result (according to the classical theorist.) Side note: The double slit, splits the light, presenting the opportunity for interference of a “third party.” The third party or observer creates a disturbance or introduces is a resonance or a new frequency created by the two slits. 

There is the one light/energy, which is split because of the two slits, resulting as dualistic light/dark, positive/negative. Creating a new resonance of three (the existence of a third party, i.e., the observer). Metaphysically, three is the condition that enables the fourth condition of flow. Which is the infinite waxing and waning of known or observable phenomena (an infinite myriad of being-ness/existence), i.e., “classical reality.” The infinite myriad of being-ness can be observed as flow (wave). However, this third party of being-ness may choose (free will) to attend (focused upon) and observed the flow as a discrete particle or as a wave. 

In my puny mind, this is like the structure or creation stories of garden of Eden, Atman, Tao, Samara, entanglement, etc. This becomes the game of a dog chasing its tail, with the minor permutations of whether the dog chases its tail to the right or left… and what does it all mean? Besides from making the “third party” dizzy, nauseated, frustrated, and exhausted. Then what happens? Is it a regression back into an oceanic bliss state of being in the womb… undifferentiated. Or the diverse garden of delights. Or is this the endless hellish re-cycling of chasing our tails or being chased by our fears, demons, and anxieties. Or getting lost chasing an infinity of illusionary desires? 

Or is there an ascension of being able to hold (be aware) of both the classical and quantum realities simultaneously? And what would happen if we could do this? What would we Be? What could we do? What if we could master the four ways of being? Which are the field (God, Atman, Tao, etc.), self or “I” (the third party observer), the heart (recognition, realization, connection/entangled and are part of the field, the I, and we), and knowing the ability to step into the “flow” of being… to be… or not to be. Pulsing in and out of existence at 22 trillion times per second… an infinity of creating and destroying all realms.

The question becomes, are we able to observe both concurrently (in parallel) or are we observing serial processing, a “flickering” of the particle and wave, particle, wave, particle, wave, particle… and so on. Where the particle is classical reality and the wave being the quantum reality. And you have two gaps between a cycle of these transitions. In the Upanishads there is the notion that the creation and destruction of the universe occurs at 22 trillion times per second. Which is an unimaginable frequency and virtually undetectable. But would present a fluid and ultra-high resolution experience, i.e., the capacity/bandwidth to present very minute and elegant detail. 

Regardless, of what the hell is happening, we have the opportunity to move to an elevated state of consciousness. A state of observation in which to experience a finer resolution of energy, frequency, and dynamic. Perhaps it is yet another steppingstone being presented, yet not at the level of 22 trillion times per second. If you will, an elevated notion of consciousness referred to as realizing the psychic realm of being. A mere developmental step beyond the ego (Wilber’s topography of transpersonal psychology). The ego, a state or awareness of differentiation and separation is an essential tool which allowed us to recognize and appreciate the diversity of the infinite myriad of classical reality. The tool that we often refer to as ego. This tool also enables us to recognize the myriad of the “others” as part of our entangled selves. Differentiation enables us to move toward recognizing both our classical reality and move into our quantum sense of reality.

The I and the We

Only recently recognizing the I and We. Now that we have both the “I am” and the “We are.” Hazzard to say that we are in an elementary grade of this school of the dynamics of being. The challenges of how do I, we and the entangled field; dynamically flow together… whether it be good, bad or ugly. Again, this is nothing new… But now we have tools of perception, perspective and being. Being as both particles, waves and being. Different cultures developed nomenclature relative to their embedded space, time, resources, and cosmology. Physics is merely another rarified cosmology of a heady intellectual realm. Yet we recognize the diversity of the spectrum of different realms from micro-macro biome, bio-chemical, neuro generative, cognitive, intergenerational DNA/epigenetics, trauma/resilience and so on… and on. There is a disruptive explosion happening in our realm of space and time. In a genuine sense, we have entered the realm of resonance, frequency, and energy.   

Instead of collapsing of the wave, we have an opportunity of transcendence. To hold both the wave and the particle concurrently in consciousness. The elusive time of the past and future collapse into the now. Ascending to the now of being. The subjective experience is felt as the single endless moment or the flow, where we’re not even aware of the flow nor of being. In fact, only retrospectively we remember the feeling of the flow. When we are trying to get into the flow, it’s the excitement or the anticipation of the flow. Yet to begin the flow one must give up all sense of trying to control the flow. Surrendering one’s awareness is the technique to enter the flow. The whole question of whether there was a forest, a tree and a sound become silly! By the way, this happens in all kinds of activity when we lose our sense of self, of control and activity. In sports, music, fine arts performance, channeling, arts, etc. In fact, we only recognized the awareness of flow in retrospect. 

For example, it took many years to learn to how to release my attention to snowboard at 60 miles an hour. There were plateaus of dealing with fear, attention, recognizing that at even at 45 mph, one is going way too fast to cognitively think about techniques and control. This is because by the time I could think, I was way past the point of making something happen such as turn. The technique was to turn before the turn in order the turn occurred. Thinking about snowboarding while snowboarding, is like trying to drive while holding on for dear life to the rear bumper of the car. And if I think about what was happening, it was way too late because it had already happened and was too far behind what was happening. And thus incurred a much higher chance of crashing. But everybody does this. When driving down the interstate at 70 mph, a person learns to drive safely by driving ahead of oneself. Driving by anticipation, driving defensively… lol.

What this teaches, is that it is hopeless to ask what is happening… because by the time you have asked this question, the happening thing has already occurred. The better question to ask is where do I want to go and how do I get there. These are two very different questions. The first question is about envisioning, imagination, sensing beyond the event horizon. The second question involves attention and focus to enter the experience. And to release or surrender into the flow of the experience. In skiing, snowboarding, race car driving, music, and dance/sports performance, etc. one learns foundational skills. The ability to focus on where they want to go and then the releasing or surrendering into the flow. Flow is the single endless moment where time, space and being disappears. Versus if one focuses on where they don’t want to go… they go there. So, if you are skiing in the trees, don’t look at the trees, look at the space between the trees; because if you look at the trees, you will get to hug a tree… hard. 

So, what does this have to do with classical and quantum physics’ theory? In classical physics there is time, space and being. And in quantum physics there is mind, no mind and what mind? Both classical and quantum physics have being. The question is not, to be or to be which is merely a matter of perspective. But why be the being that ask the question? The challenge is to be mindlessly mindful or is it mindfully mindless. 

The Gravity of Love

In physics, if I understand Penrose, gravity causes phenomena (the particle, i.e., the classical reality/realm) to appear or manifest from the quantum parallel alternative reality/realm of the wave.  

Given Penrose’s presumption that gravity collapses the wave of quantum reality and thus producing classical reality; the question arises, what is gravity? What is the force that holds something together? Is there a spectrum of gravity, like the spectrum of light, energy, and frequency? In psychology, attention or what we focus on, collapses, or constricts our awareness into a specified container/range of awareness, i.e., subjective reality. We differentiate this subjective reality from all other aspects of realities that are present as potential alternatives, i.e., the “quantum realm of parallel realities. Depending on one’s perspective of reality they subscribe to, an individual can easily expand to be aware of different levels of reality. While simultaneously maintain and subsequently determine their experience that they pull/collapse from the quantum reality. Currently in metaphysics the rage is the manifesting. Folks are chattering about manifesting (collapsing the wave of the quantum) into the particle of the classical physical reality. The techniques are loosely under the attraction and manifesting techniques via attentional focus. 

Let’s characterize gravity is the glue, articulation, and extractive force that enables the particle (classical reality) to differentiate from the quantum wave reality. Gravity is the force that coalesces some part of quantum realm. Causing something to become coherent, clear, comprehensible, definite, and is self-evident by its elegant existence.

What if gravity is love? Love makes reality coherent, clear, comprehensible, definite, and is self-evident by its elegant existence. What if love bridges the gap between classical and quantum physics? It’s common-sense notes that love is involved in creating something into existence. It’s obvious love is involved in making new connections. The less love, the less attraction, and the less mass. 

Both love and fear attract… the issue is how does love and fear attract?

Fear attracts by an individual’s aversion or recoil. Running away creates a vacuum for fear being sucked in and follow. This vacuum or drag sucks in our fears, demons and anxieties that closely follow us around. In fact, the faster we run, the closer they get because of the increased vacuum. At the level our resistance, there is the equal and opposite force of persistence; whatever we resist persist… it’s attraction. 

Recognize fear wants to resolve to love. Fear only knows to presents in wrath and anger. Fear wants love, it just doesn’t know how or needs some help in resolving to love. Fear wants recognition, release, and transformation. Fear is your shadow, a part of you that chases you around. Fear is frustrated love. Fear is also the gatekeeper of love and a master teacher of love. There is no way around fear, fear is the way. Fear is the portal or the opportunity to love. By filling the vacuum or gap with love, fear can feel and experience love. Be compassionate and graceful, allow fear to feel and experience love… melting, shining, transforming fear and darkness into light and love. Be heavy and massive love… 

What if love collapses into itself? Does love die? Or does it go super nova… lighting up the darkness?



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