Be the One of Change

See one, do one, teach one, and be one Is a simple approach. In fact it is the approach that teachers have shown for millennia. Most noted is Jesus. The impact is that when one sees, one becomes inspired and can see that it is possible. When one does one. It confirms the possible, i.e. they become empowered. Teaching another person is about learning the subtleties of the craft of co-creating. Which is simply further developing their understanding, compassion and gracefulness. Finally, being one completes the cycle of one. Simply you are a testament, inspiration or example of what is possible. 

May You Live in Interesting Times!

We usually view time as linear. As going from left to right or beginning to end. For example, you take an empty paper towel tube and outside mark an arrow going from left to right down the side of the entire tube. This is the linear perspective of time. Now turn or rotate the tube 90 degrees and look through the tube like looking through a telescope. From that perspective, time collapses or extends; there is no depth perception or perception of linear time. The entire experience happens at once. It collapses in relation to the perspective of linear time.

Suicide as Violence Toward Oneself

The following are thoughts and ways to conceptualize suicide investigation, evaluation and intervention. These are thoughts for your consideration based from my clinical experience as a crisis MH evaluator and consultant. One of the aha moments was the idea to conceptualize suicide as violence toward the self.